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When there's nothing left but the voice in your head...

C - A Musical premiered at Circa Theatre from July 6 to August 3, 2013.

Led by the irrepressible Jackie Clarke, five incredible artists star in this brand new show by Wellington's own Paul Jenden and Gareth Farr: a singer, a comedian, an actress, a dancer and a concert pianist.

C - A Musical is a constantly surprising experience: part musical, part poetry; part piano sonata, part cabaret; part memoire, part fantasy, all combined in a funnny, moving and irreverent evening, bubbling with good nature.

Jenden's recent treatment for cancer becomes the stepping-off point for a light-hearted journey through dark times, celebrating the human spirit and the triumph of laughter over fear.

"Now I can hear you thinking, "This is going to be so-o-o-o depressing," and I say, "No, it'll be fun," and you go, "Oh God, it's going to be really tasteless," and I say, look, cancer sucks. If you've got it, had it or lost someone to it, the last thing you need is someone poking you with a stick. This isn't like that. This is a travelogue, a picaresque novel, the record of journey into my head, a kind of Dante's Inferno but with song and dance!"

C is for cheerful and for cheeky and content
C is for circus and the crowds that cram the tent
C is for craziness when we are confined to bed
C is the cabaret that cheers up A to Z.



Dominion Post: "An uplifting journey through cancer..."

Theatreview: "A 'must C' show: highly entertaining, deeply moving, honest, witty, informative, imaginitive and very, very human..."


      Paul Jenden            Gareth Farr            Jackie Clarke            Danny Mulheron

      Jane Waddell          Louis Solino

Book & lyrics by Paul Jenden
Music by Gareth Farr
Directed by Paul Jenden

Jackie Clarke: The Voice Inside My Head
Danny Mulheron: Me/Captain Chemo
Jane Waddell: Mum
Louis Solino: Carcinoma
Sue Alexander: Pianist

Producer: Howard Taylor
Stage Manager: Eric Gardiner
Set Design: John Hodgkins
Lighting Design: Uli Briese
Lighting operator: Adam Walker
Sound operator: Dawa Devereux
Wardrobe: Paul Jenden
Publicity: Brianne Kerr