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The NZ domestic fishing fleet is in trouble. In the last 10 years the number of boats has halved.

Ukrainian and Korean factory trawlers are plundering NZ waters and they are paid by NZ companies to do it. Many NZ companies own or lease quota and instead of using Kiwi fishing boats to catch it, they charter foreign trawlers.

Some of these foreign trawlers demonstrate a cavalier attitude to NZ law, marine regulations and sustainable fishing practices.

Kiwi film-maker Guye Henderson investigates allegations of deliberate over-fishing, doctored catch reports, illegal dumping and the mis-treatment of Indonesian crews, including physical and sexual abuse.

This documentary will shock you.

The Price of Fish is a hard-hitting documentary that examines the New Zealand fishing industry. Press releases from the Ministry of Fisheries would have us believe that we have the best fisheries management in the world. Guye's investigation leads him to a very different conclusion. This documentary uncovers the reality of our dwindling fish stocks, laid-up fishing boats, under-employed fishermen and women, and Wild West fishing practices of foreign fishing boats - chartered, ironically, by New Zealand companies to fish our waters.

Director Guye Henderson
Producer Howard Taylor

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