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Lyn Freeman Review

"A comedy with everything you could wish for kick-starts an immensely promising Circa Theatre programme for 2013. A Dave Armstrong/Danny Mulheron production is a winning combo (The Motor Camp) but here they have both truly excelled. The satire in Kings of the Gym targets both the beleaguered education system and political correctness. Armstrong achieves the right blend of ferociously funny observations and genuine affection for his characters. They are people with whom we enjoy spending the evening....

…The cast of four are terrific with impeccable comic timing. McLaughlin has the best lines and he knows how to make the most of them. Dey and Sutton are delightful and McDonald's experience in comedy shines through in what is by far the toughest and least sympathetic role. Mulheron is in his element with this script and this cast...

Designer Dennis Hearfield has worked his magic again, creating Laurie and Pat's disordered bachelor pad office...

The opening night audience rewarded the script, direction and actors with sighs and gasps of concern for Laurie, Pat and Annie amidst the many belly laughs. We cared. Kings of the Gym has just the right mix of comedy, social comment and heart. It's the perfect start to the theatrical year."

Laurie Atkinson Review - DominionPost

"DAVE ARMSTRONG has yet another comedy hit on his hands…. The topical jokes hit their mark each time (for example, Novopay) but they make the rest of the comedy play out in a time warp. But who cares when the audience is roaring with laughter?"

John Smythe Review - Theatreview

"…Laurie's mysteriously loyal junior and ex-pupil, Pat Kennedy, crafted with much subtle perception and under-played wit by Richard Dey…. Principal, Viv Cleaver, …. Ginette McDonald is beautifully modulated in this role, distilling delicious comic moments from their all-too-human situation…. . Acushla-Tara Sutton's truly splendid performance exemplifies the confidence of idealistic youth until unexpected changes and challenges expose her vulnerability and see her – and others – mature significantly. Indeed Armstrong ensures all the characters experience a full range of emotions and – directed by the ever-astute Danny Mulheron – all the actors step up to the proverbial mark as individuals and as a team...

…No-one speaks for Armstrong – and no-one doesn't either. It is a great strength of his writing that he is not telling us what to think but is asking us to think as well as feel for ourselves...

The dramatic eruptions are surprising, provocative and confronting, demanding we reassess some of the judgements we will inevitably have made and inviting us to determine where we stand on the questions raised, about life choices, teaching styles, education policy, religion, gender politics, confronting change and taking charge of one's own destiny...

… the comedy is largely well earned and deftly executed…. Kings of the Gym … captures individuals and our society at critical stages in their evolution with intelligent and creative flair. An excellent start to the year for Circa Theatre."