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Fifty Years on Their Toes: The Royal New Zealand Ballet Company celebrates reaching half a century with a fiery production of Romeo & Juliet. The tears and truama of creating a new version of the old ballet, interwoven with the story of a young Ballet company finding its feet in a country more attuned to beer, blokes and rugby. Choreography by Chris Hampson, Music by Prokofiev. Written and directed by Howard for the Gibson Group. 1 x 1 hour. 2003

The Business of Culture: the creation of the 1996 International Festival of the Arts following three key characters - the bubbly and highly competent director Carla Van Zon, shrewd lawyer-with-all-the-right contacts,  chairman David Gasgoigne, and dapper English Artistic Director Joseph Selig. No matter how well-run, a multi-million dollar Festival of this magnitude always has its share of crises, successes and failures. 1996 was no exception. Director. 1 x 1 hour.

Buying Art, Selling Billy Apple: In 1962 Barrie Bates bleached his hair, eye brows and lashes and changed his name to Billy Apple. In the process he transformed his life into his art work. Love it or hate it, Billy Apple's conceptual works elicit a response. So does Billy Apple the man. At art school with Warhol, Billy has spent a lifetime refining the art of selling himself - when he's not racing cars and motorcycles. Howard wrote and directed this FInalist, Best Documentary, NZ Television Awards.

The Race: In this performance piece, Michael Parmenter's monumental dance work is adapted for the screen.  One of New Zealand's leading choreographers, Michael creates a tribe to explore themes of community, trust and the forces that seek to destroy them. Choreographer: Michael Parmenter. Music: David Downes.

Work of Art - By the Light of the Mune: film director Ian Mune guides the students of Toi Whakaare, the New Zealand Drama School, as they make a short film. Howard produced this one hour documentary which was directed by Roz Mason. 1 x 1 hour.

Work of Art - Storytellers: explores the worlds of three writers for children - Margaret Mahy, Joy Cowley and Tessa Duder. Writer/Director. 1 x 1 hour.

Kaleidoscope - Sir Toss Woollaston: Toss takes us on a personal tour of his life and work. Director. 1 x 1 hour

Over a decade Howard made a large body of work for the Arts programmes Kaleidoscope, 10AM and Sunday, featuring artists and craftspeople such as Vincent Ward - film-maker, Neil Dawson - sculptor, Lauris Edmond - poet, Judy Darragh - Queen of Kitch, Michael Parmenter - choreographer, Megan Douglas - fashion designer, Llew Summers - sculptor, Tom Warren - luthier, Barbara Kruger - conceptual artist - Ellie Smith - actor, Robert Franken, painter,