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By Gavin McGibbon
Directed by Danny Mulheron

Everything is for the taking.

The Con was on at Circa Theatre from 26 October to 23 November, 2013.

This is it.
Stevie and Earle are about to pull off the most outrageous scam of their lives. The bait has been laid, the fish are biting, a jackpot awaits but what happens when true love walks in the door?

Is a conscience for a con artist their salvation? Their downfall? Or their greatest weapon?

In a world of emails promising you money, pyramid schemes, dodgy builders and politicians who only lie, the con artist is the fastest growing career path of the 21st Century.

Watch the magic of the con on stage. Can you believe your eyes? Can you trust what you feel?

Gavin McGibbon, writer of hit shows Hamlet Dies at the End and Holding On, makes his Circa debut with his most accomplished and daring piece of work yet. With renowned and ingenious director Danny Mulheron at the helm, this is sure to be one of the most talked about shows of the year.

"[Gavin McGibbon]... could be our answer to Neil LaBute" —Theatreview

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Paul McLaughlin: Earl
Mike Minogue: Stevie
Acushla Sutton: Holly
Jason Whyte: Jeffrey, Drunk, Passer-by

Producer: Howard Taylor
Design: Glenn Ashworth
Stage Manager: Oscar Mulheron
Publicity: Colleen McColl
Poster Design: Antonio Nieto & Victor Munoz
Makeup & Hair: Kareen Donaldson
Wardrobe Consultant: Gillie Coxill
Prop Construction: Human Dynamo Workshop
Set Construction: John Hodgkins, Iain Cooper
Set Finisher: Therese Eberhard
Photography: Stephen A'Court


Gavin McGibbon       Danny Mulheron
Paul McLaughlin       Acushla Sutton
Jason Whyte             Mike Minogue