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The Price of Fish

The scandal that is New Zealand's off-shore fishing industry is uncovered in this expose.

When the Korean fishing trawler Oyang 70 sank south of New Zealand with the loss of six lives the surviving crew were whisked out of the country before the media could talk to them. Guye Henderson was determined to find out the truth about conditions aboard these so-called "slave ships". He flew to Indonesia to track down the survivors.



Descent into Disaster: The 1931 Hawkes Bay Earthquake

Gary McCormick's mother, just five years old, was nearly killed in the 1931 Hawkes Bay Earthquake. After living through the Christchurch quake, Gary wanted to know more about the devastation, the heroic rescues and the terrible death toll from what is still New Zealand's deadliest Earthquake.

It demolished most of Napier. Much of what was still standing was then destroyed by fire. With water supplies cut by the quake, firefighters could only stand and watch as the city burned. This documentary, an episode of the series Descent into Disaster, tells some of tragic and deeply personal stories of victims and survivors of the Hawkes Bay Earthquake. 2013


Guardians of the Light - The Lives of the Lighthouse Keepers: The days when lighthouse keepers sat up all night to keep the lights going are over - victims of automation. In this documentary the men and women who lived on the isolated islands and craggy cliffs of New Zealand's manned light stations revisit their lights and talk about a lifestyle that ended last century.

Their stories are filled with down-to-earth humour and nostalgia for a lifestyle lost to progress and automation. Many started their working lives at sea so the role of the lighthouse was close to their hearts. For the women, isolation brought its own challenges. Hospital care was often days away and lighthouse keepers had to their own doctors and dentists. This documentary celebrates their lives.



Te Whiringa Taura o Whanganui: Tatoo artist, composer and kapa haka teacher Sacha Utupoto Keating explores the history of his people and his river - the Whanganui. This beautiful and moving story traces the iwi's battle to maintain ownership of its stunning river in the face of threats from other tribes and races, a battle that goes on into the 21st Century. 1 x 1 hour. 2007


Frontier of Dreams: Howard directed 3 episodes of this 13 x 1 hour series on New Zealand history for Whakapapa Productions. Accompanied by a large and authoritative book, its an ambitious series encompassing the whole story of New Zealand, from its geological formation to today. 2004/5

Coroners Inquest: Howard wrote and directed all three episodes of this documentary series for Ninox Television. When a person dies in unusual or unexplained circumstances, the Coroner is called in. Featuring real cases, this is a highly emotional investigation into the role of Coroner in New Zealand. 3 x 1 hours. 2007