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Sex, lies and the semi-colon

The Truth Game was performed at Circa Theatre from October 13 to November 10, 2012.

Frank Stone is Acting editor of daily newspaper The Advocate. He is an old-style print warrior for "truth", good grammar and the watchdog role of "the Fourth Estate". At odds with his new corporate masters, and the fast encroaching digital media, he finds himself wrestling with colliding demands of principle and ambition while confronting the demons of a messy love-life  and fighting a rearguard action for the very "soul" of news.

Studded with humour, this fast-moving contemporary drama freeze-frames the crises of the age, along with Frank's entwined personal and professional lives, while traversing universal themes of ambition, loyalty, love and betrayal.

The Truth Game premiered at Fortune Theatre in 2011 directed by Lara McGregor.

"Always entertaining and often very funny"  Theatreview

"A play of big and very timely ideas. The Truth Game is one of the very best New Zealand plays I have seen in recent years"  Barbara Frame, ODT


Directed by Danny Mulheron
Written by Simon Cunliffe

Frank: Alan Lovell
Sam: Jessica Robinson
Belinda: Janine Burchett
Jo: Acushla Sutton
Bill: Paul McLaughlin
Rafe: Brian Sergent

Producer: Howard Taylor
Stage Manager: Oscar Mulheron
Set Design: Denis Hearfield
Lighting: Laurie Dean
Wardrobe: Gilly Coxill
Publicity: Colleen McColl