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Police Recruit: the drama, thrills, spills and sheer hard work as a wing of recruits train for a life of crime-fighting. Serena has never been particularly physical and Andre has never been academic. Failure is a very real possibility. We have unprecedented access to explore the training and the culture behind the uniform. According to instructor Lance, "We are the biggest gang in the country." Learning to handle guns, fast cars and violent confrontations is just part of the life of a police recruit. Adopting the mindset and values of a law enforcement officer is just as important. "We should look after each other." Howard wrote and directed this Finalist, Best Documentary, NZ Television Awards. 1 x 1 hour. 1996

Guthrie-Smith of Tutira: Herbert Guthrie-Smith was a world-reknowned conservationist, author and wild-life photographer who spent his life turning sixty thousand acres of inland Hawkes Bay into a sheep station. It was a classic pioneer struggle. The book that he wrote, 'Tutira', on the changes to the fauna and flora that he observed has become a classic in universities around the world. Actor Martyn Sanderson plays Guthrie-Smith. Camera - David Paul, music - Jonathon Besser, writer/director Howard Taylor. 1 x 1/2 hour. 2002

Shark Gordon: Shark expert Ian Gordon gets down and dirty with shark species round the world. Howard directed 4 episodes of this 13 part wild-life series for Natural History New Zealand / Discovery Networks. Stripped almost continuously on Animal Planet for three years. 13 x 1/2 hours. 2001-2004

Sally, Sophie and Jeff Leave Home: three intellectually-disabled young people reach the age of maturity and prepare to leave home. With the State reducing its role in their lives, their parents are more responsible than ever for their on-going care and management. How will they cope? Howard wrote and directed for Greenstone Pictures. 1 x 1 hour. 2001

Fifty Years on Their Toes: The Royal New Zealand Ballet Company celebrates reaching half a century with a fiery production of Romeo & Juliet. The tears and truama of creating a new version of the old ballet, interwoven with the story of a young Ballet company finding its feet in a country more attuned to beer, blokes and rugby. Written and directed by Howard for the Gibson Group. 1 x 1 hour. 2005

Secret New Zealand - Kirk, Commies and the CIA: When Prime Minister Norman Kirk died unexpectedly in office the Cold War was at its height, New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance was upsetting both France and the United States and paranoia about foreign influence was rife. This episode of the Secret New Zealand series explores the links between the Labour Prime Minister, Russian spies caught in Wellington, the CIA and an alleged coup planned from within the New Zealand Army. At a time when the CIA had just organised the assassination of President Allende in Chile, anything was possible. Written and directed by Howard for Greenstone Pictures. 1 x 1/2 hour. 2001

Warship: the crew of a New Zealand navy frigate prepares for war. We get along side as they work up for battle-readiness. Howard wrote and directed for Ninox Films. 1 x 1 hour. 1995

Snow Biz:  the eruption of Mount Ruapehu closed Turoa skifield for the season. Then two years of little snow added huge financial pressures on the company running one of New Zealand's premier skifields. Will it survive another disastrous year? Howard directed for Ninox Films. 1 x 1 hour. 1998